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Time flies! Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd. founded in 1934 has been constantly looked after by all walks of life and supported by every shareholder. Along with all staff’s wholehearted dedication to growing performance, I am much indebted to and would show my immeasurable appreciation.
Thereafter, we will insist on management conception of steadiness, honesty, innovation, diligence and thrift to march forward courageously. Expect your guidance and assistance, we hope and would contribute to our society and country.
  SHIN HO SING OCEAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD No.31, Fishing Harbor S. 1st Rd.. Chien (Food Processing Plant) Chen Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.R.O.C.  +886-7-8316101 +886-7-8114695 E-mail: