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Date of Establishment: April 7, 1966

The predecessor of Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise was Shin Ho Sing Store, established in spring of 1934. At first, we were running wholesaling & retailing of fabric. Adapted to the trend and times, we then involved in trading business and reinvested to textile, garment, knitting, cement, electronics, automobile, newspaper, banking, construction…, etc.

Taipei Head Office

In 1966, in view of ample resources from the vast and spacious oceans, Mr. Tsun-Hsien Wu and the directors of Shin Ho Sing store commenced with pelagic fishery under encouragement from government policy. In 1979, we set up the first modernized shredded squid processing factory in Taiwan in Chien-Chen fishing harbor(Kaohsiung), registered “JANEJANE 珍珍”as brand name and launched “JANEJANE 珍珍”prepared shredded squid products in markets. Furthermore, we were awarded the Excellence for Sanitary Products and became the leading brand in Taiwan and all over the world.

Kaohsiung Office &Factrory

  With prompt development of economic and prosperity of society, Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise ,which have been ceaselessly innovating products, increasing production lines and presenting “JANEJANE 珍珍”Seafood Snacks, Fish Ball series, Surimi Products, Japanese Cuisine, Prefried Seafoods and Frozen Seafoods marketing domestically & overseas, turns into a large-scale integrated food enterprise.

Shin Ho Sing Ocean Enterprise always insists on strict management to maintain the best products quality, and is proud of earning the certification of GMP, CAS, JAS, IUU, HACCP and ISO9001 approved from the authorities of Taiwan, U.S.A., Japan and EU. Shin Ho Sing Enterprise will take the responsibility of serving and providing consumers with healthy, tasty and excellent seafood products.

In 2001, Qingdao Zhen Zhen Food Co., Ltd.In China was established to cope with the globalizing era, advance international competitiveness and consolidate niche of overseas marketing.  SHIN HO SING OCEAN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD No.31, Fishing Harbor S. 1st Rd.. Chien (Food Processing Plant) Chen Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.R.O.C.  +886-7-8316101 +886-7-8114695 E-mail: